Food Service Director Certification

Food Service Director Certification

Required Degree: None
Required Class Hours: 62
Required Accounting Hours: None
Grandparent Provision: Yes
Continuing Education Requirement: 90 hours over five years

Hours required can be met via: college classes, workshops, conference participation, and specialized workshops.

This voluntary certification program is sponsored by Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO). This section contains brief descriptions of certification courses that will be offered through MSBO and the Michigan Institute for Educational Management (MIEM). In some circumstances courses from other sources may be counted toward MSBO certification. Please be aware that some courses and/or requirements may change. MSBO and the committees that created this program are continuing to evaluate plans and make minor modifications as deemed appropriate.

This program and the courses listed have been created and reviewed by the Food Service and Professional Development Committees of MSBO. An applicant for certification must be a member of MSBO.

The overall purpose of this certification is: 1) to provide access to information and training for Food Services Directors that is specific to Michigan law and regulation; and 2) to provide a basis for advancing professionalism of Food Service Directors in Michigan.

MSBO certification courses provide a great deal of information in a short time. Most courses are "bulleted" information rather than in-depth training. They are intended to cover major points about their respective topics, offer an opportunity for questions and discussion, and provide resource information for future use.

Although anyone may benefit from certification courses, the full program is generally intended for Food Services Directors in their first 1-5 years of employment. For those who already have more experience, MSBO will evaluate their background to determine how much additional training is required prior to granting certification.

Questions? Contact Debbie Kopkau at MSBO (517) 327-2587 or e-mail